Okay so, the iron supplements must be kicking in, I got so much done today! I made apple crumble, planted up some containers outside , broke the washing machine, ordered a new one, helped with the Sunday dinner AND made a lampshade. So here is the how to guide for the lampshade (the other stuff is too boring):


The base was a freebie from a lovely girl I know. I had been meaning to upcycle it for a while, but I hadn’t found the right shade for it and I finally thought to myself I would just make a shade.


So first I washed and sanded the stand, and applied two coats of primer before two coats of Colourtrend Beag in the Satin finish.


The fabric and lampshade kit were purchased at the Limerick Quilt Centre. The lovely Maeve who runs the place measured it up and made sure that I didn’t buy more fabric than I needed, half a yard was plenty for the 40cm shade.


The kit couldn’t have been better, clear concise instructions and pictures too, that’s always handy. Everything you need it there in the kit, scissors was the only additional thing I used.


I cleared the kitchen table and got to work. You really do need two people for the part when you are rolling the frame on but the instructions do advise that.


All in all it took about half an hour. And there was no stress involved at all.


So there you have it, my very own Liberty Print lampshade in the living room!

  • Lampshade making kit: €18
  • Fabric: €13






  1. Gorgeous Bronagh. You are so talented and have an eye for the unique, quirky and fabulous 💕

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