This is the guaranteed cheapest way to hang any posters you have (not counting blu-tacking the walls with the pages of Smash Hits in the 1980’s) . Its easy, quick and it looks good too.


You just need:

  • Four lengths of wood per poster (two for bottom and two for top)
  • Double sided tape
  • Tacks.
  • Twine or cord
  • A tack hammer


I ordered some posters from a website at a cost of about €4 each. They measure 50cm wide so needed a 2 metre baton per poster. You will get pine batons in a hardware shop for a couple of euros.


The hardware shop may cut them to size for you, if not, cut them to size with a hacksaw and sand any rough edges. Then take a length of cord or twine and about 5 cms in on each side of the baton use a small bit of double sided tape to stick the ends down.


Cover this with another bit of double sided tape that runs the length of the baton, then carefully stick the top of the poster to it.



Once you are happy with the way you have aligned it, take the second baton and sandwich it cover the top. Grab several tacks and tack from the back. Please make sure that the tacks you are using will go through the thickness of two batons, without coming out through the front.



Follow the exact same procedure for the bottom of the poster , minus the addition of the twine.


Hang them up and enjoy!



One Comment

  1. Lynda linnane

    Batons, a hacksaw and tacks…. my shopping list might raise a few eyebrows 😂 great tips Bronagh x

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