So many of us are in the same position money-wise, it feels like each month the cents are all accounted for before we get to the next payday, and very often redecorating a room is regarded as a luxury, akin to a holiday. So how do we go about revamping a room, while keeping the bank balance healthy and not making needless purchases? Here’s the 5 top tips that I will be applying to my next project

1.Get inspired from the comfort of your home.

Far be it from me to encourage anyone to spend more time on social media than they need to but honestly it’s where you are going to find the inspiration that you are looking for. Set yourself up with a Pinterest account and pin some inspirational mood boards. Check out Instagram, there really is a hashtag for everything. Have some firm(ish) ideas before heading to the shops, because it is just too easy to lose the run of yourself and lose sight of your budget when you can buy a whole room fit out on one shopfloor in under an hour.

2.Measure up

Get the drawing pad , pencil and measuring tape out, because this is the one part nobody can afford to get wrong. Measure out your room and windows, the maximum size of the furniture you will need and of course the minimum space you need around them. I was once in a position that I had my wardrobes all picked out, but realised at the final hour that I would never be able to open the end door because of the bedside locker. rolls eyes

Keep a copy of the measurements on your phone, you might not always have your notebook with you but generally you’ll nearly always have your phone. It will prevent any impulsive and ill fitting purchases.

3.Cost everything before you start

When you are working on a budget it is easy to see how things can snowball. I have fallen in to the trap of thinking ‘I am not really decorating a room, I’m just buying a roll of wallpaper’ but then having to buy paint for skirting and doors, change lampshades, get a rug, maybe pick up a print or two, then the frames…you see where I am going with this? You won’t have it exact to the last cent but you will be able to pull together some form of bottom line and it will keep you in check.


4.Get your colours right

Never try to pick paint colours online. Visit a paint shop, have a browse and pick up plenty of paint sample cards (some of the magazine style brochures have brilliant ideas in them too). Always buy testers of your favourite colours, you will never know what a colour looks like until you apply it to walls and woodwork, and it can be a costly mistake. Leftover testers are always handy for other little projects so are rarely a waste of money.

Kitchen press painted with tester pot

5.Give yourself a timeframe per room and stick to it

It may not be the most obvious money saving tip but for anyone on a tight budget it makes perfect sense. Have a think about how much time you need to realise your goal, from the moment you decide you are going ahead with it to completion. That can help you finish it in good time and allow you to start saving for your next project. Not only will your wallet will thank you if you tackle one room at a time but also your patience and energy will too and it won’t feel so daunting the next time around.


Now I just need to make sure I apply these 5 rules to my own next project!

Thanks for reading! X

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