Do you like your bathroom? Tell me honestly. Whisper in my ear.

A: Yes I like it! It’s a functional, practical and gorgeous space.

Then it appears you have attained a hat trick of interior design goals and are living your best life, probably best to move along.

B: Meh, it’s fine, but it could do with a spruce up.

Pull up a chair and read on my friend.

C: Nothing is working, NOTHING. Probably best to just sell up and move.

No point in throwing the baby out with the bath water, lets take a deep breath and think about this rationally.

I fall in to category C.


I have wholly despised my bathroom since the day and hour we moved in. Its the only bathroom in the house and it is narrow and pokey and the walls are rough and the floor is uneven. There was once a bath shoehorned in but we removed that and built a walk in shower when we were doing the initial works.


I always had plans for a wet room style bathroom. Luxurious, with a spa like feel, which can be achieved in a small space, with some careful planning. But a sum total of zero in the slush fund means that idea is permanently on hold. So I put up with an adequate bathroom until this month, and armed with €400, I embarked on a makeover.IMG_7765


Flooring: €150 (including professional fitting)

We all know vinyl is having a moment in music but have you revisited vinyl flooring recently? I am constantly struck as to the quality, finish and variety available now. It’s an economical and hard wearing option. Not to mention quick to install. I picked mine on a Monday and a week later it was delivered and fitted in under two hours.


Paint: €70

I have tried so many bright and airy colours in our bathroom the past few years but in all honesty nothing is going to make that room look spacious. So this time I embraced the dramatic, darker tones and went for Colourtrends Bowman Blue, in the Soft Sheen finish, durable enough to withstand a spot like a bathroom or kitchen.



Mirror: €120

The one big splurge of the project. I knew I wanted an oversized mirror and they don’t come cheap. If your budget won’t stretch to a large mirror, how about some smaller ones, broken up over the space? The Range have hexagonal mirrors at €13 each. Three of them on a wall would make just as much impact.



Shelving: €30

While Ivan painted the bathroom, I stained and varnished cheap pine boards to go on either side of the vanity unit, in the hope of creating a sleek line to elongate the space. Using a paintbrush, apply a dark stain on the raw wood and quickly remove excess with a damp cloth, to give that weathered, silvered look. Then once it’s dry apply a few coats of varnish.


Hanging lights: €10

Its always good to have more than one light source in a space. It adds depth and an element of luxury, especially in a bathroom. These lights were less than €4 each from Sostrene Grene, and I am going to say the two magic words here ‘Battery Operated’ so we don’t have to worry about electrician fees in our overall budget total. Win.




Tiles: €20

If you can’t afford to tile whole walls of your bathroom, or even if you don’t want that level of commitment in your life, how about a tile feature? We used three long rectangular tiles that have a matt marble look to them.  And three tiles is well within the capability of even the most reluctant DIY’er.


So there you have it. Proof that even the smallest space, and the smallest budget, doesn’t mean you can’t have big ideas.


Thank you for reading

B x






















Total :€400

Spending breakdown:

Vinyl flooring: €150

Paint: €70

Mirror: €120

Shelving: €30

Hanging lights: €10

Tiles: €20



4 Replies to “The €400 bathroom makeover at Fox Hollow.”

  1. Fantastic ideas B. On a very limited budget & trying to inject some energy into a downstairs non functioning bathroom so loads of ideas there for me! Especially vinyl!

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