Do you remember the time when people would have just one or two pictures and hang them on a wall? One piece was quite enough for a wall. A few pieces were quite enough for a home. I know there are many people who still favour that form of expression, but we have seen a massive surge in people buying art, prints and affordable pieces for their homes, that imbibe the space with their own personality. To tie in with my competition on Instagram with Ewe Sir I am having a look at four different types of wall styling that I have applied at Fox Hollow, that are effortless, effective and affordable.

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Gallery Wall

I always knew I wanted a gallery wall in my living room, so once we had the keys, and had decided to call the house Fox Hollow, my first visit was to Ewe Sir who has the most beautiful prints of her felted work, to buy a fox print. The rest of the gallery wall has built up from my husband’s work, holiday finds and other small Irish businesses.

The Gallery Wall at Fox Hollow

Gallery walls are the epitome of your own style and personal expression. The thriftiest of us can achieve exciting results. With a keen eye and clever placement, you can create a feature wall that packs a visual punch. Don’t forget to mix in a bit of texture too, to prevent your wall being too ‘flat’ on the eye.

Small Irish businesses cover the walls.


Plate wall

Like a lot of what I have done at Fox Hollow, my plate wall is a study in nostalgia. Plate walls for me are reminiscent of my home house growing up. In fact about half of my plate wall is made up of plates my mum has gifted to me. The rest are charity shop finds.

IMG_8125 (2).JPG
Plate Wall

The wall hangers are about €1 or €2 each at any good hardware shop and come in different sizes. Practically speaking, plate walls are a great option for a kitchen as they are easy to clean and don’t trap dirt. Mixing up different styles, shapes, sizes and layouts make these a truly original and timeless addition to any room in the house.

IMG_8122 (2).JPG
Charity shop finds
Picture Shelf

A picture shelf is the very best plan for those of us who love to keep a look fresh, and seasonally mix things around. They are cheap to buy and are ideal for showcasing beautiful books, gorgeous mirrors and an ever changing memo board. They are easy to install and I always just paint them to blend in a bit with the wall.

Picture shelf
Solo Piece

Don’t feel that you always have to fill a space entirely. Sometimes a piece needs to be solo, whether it’s quirky, sentimental, a talking point or just plain beautiful to you. Let it have its own room to speak, it can be really impactful.

IMG_8108 (2)
Tara O Brien Print


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