On my never ending quest to be ensure every room in my home is being used to it’s full potential I have just finished a makeover of the study. Here is the why, the how and the how much.

Now just why would I makeover a perfectly good study?

There are a multitude of people who will understand me when I say nothing is harder than getting up from a cosy spot on the sofa of an evening to sit at a desk and work on a project or college coursework. Nowhere is more comfortable at that moment in time than that spot. And it is infinitely harder when you are going in to a space that is neither warm, nor terribly functional. That’s how I was feeling about the study. It has served a purpose in the days before college courses and blogs and A.O.B. It was clear I had outgrown it. I felt shoehorned into an uncomfortable corner.

So I wrote a list of what the priorities were for a makeover. High on the list was storage, desk space and some proper flooring to replace the thin carpet. It’s at this point I set my budget of €500, deciding I could get the essentials with that, and re-use what I already owned for the rest.

The How

I drew out a shelving and storage plan, looking at what I need right now, and what I might need further down the line. Essentially I was through with feeling stuffed in to the space, so decided on desk height storage only. That one simple set of removing the shelf above head height made the space appear more open.

Picking the palette remains my favourite part of this type of process. I wanted warm, earthy tones for the space. I had leftover paint from the ceiling in the living room, Bloomsbury by Mylands, so that was my starting point. With that on the ceiling I decided on Tikkurila M422 for the woodwork and the majority of the walls. Tikkurila Bonsai was chosen for a feature panel, and finally a circle of Tikkurila Taika Gold to brighten the darkest corner.

The preparation and painting was the most arduous and time consuming task. There was a few days of just cleaning, sanding and priming, but that in turn makes for a much better finish to the walls and woodwork. Plus don’t forget that good tools cannot be underestimated with these projects. I used only Zibra Brushes and Two Fussy Bloke rollers this time.

The shelves were quick and painless to put in, thanks to Ivan, The carpet (including super warm underlay) was done in under two hours, and instantly the room felt warmer. Then it fell to me to put the room back together and in a way that works best for me, and what my current needs are.

Budget breakdown:

Carpet, underlay and fitting: €230
Paint: €140
Shelving: €60
Sundries from Asos Supply and Penneys: €50

The desk, chair, curtains and desk lamp were all here already. The pendant light had been in the living room until recently.


So now that the makeover is all done, there are no more excuses for spending nights in front of the stove!

Thanks for reading

B x


  1. Gorgeous! Is that a sisal carpet? If so, what’s it like underfoot? I like the idea of them for sustainability reasons, but worry they’d feel rough underfoot.

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