Getting up in the morning is never going to be easy, but why not make it a little easier with one of these five cuties boiling your water? It’s scant consolation but at least it is stylish!


  1. Russell Hobbs 1.5l Bubble Kettle from Currys. Was €89.99 now €39.99. Available in four different colours.


2. Swan 1.7l Nordic Kettle from Littlewoods. €64.99. Available in white or grey.

Littlewoods kettle

3. Cookworks 1.7l Copper Pyramid Kettle from Argos. €28.99


4. Morphy Richards 1.5l Dimensions Kettle from Woodies. €39.00


5. De’Longhi 1.7l Argento kettle from Euronics. €49.95


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