Interior Design Consultations

What's better than an interior designer? A team of them of course! In February 2021 I took up a role as a Design Consultant with Dan Éire Designs, offering full design packages to new builds, renovation projects and commercial properties. To find out more about the work we do, and to get in touch with the team, please click below:

Interior Styling

Do you need some help creating a gallery wall? Maybe you are a bit bored with your space, you are not enjoying your favourite items or you need some guidance with styling? I can offer a service that will ensure home is where you want to spend your time, surrounded by items you love.


*Prices start from €125

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Colour Consultations

Paint colour is the quickest, most cost effective and transformative change you can make to your home. It is a matter of getting it right. Fox Hollow Style offers advice from individual colours, right through to full palette choices, making sure all tones work together. Colour consultations can take place online or in your own home. Start with one room or choose your whole house (inside and out)

*Prices start from €125

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