We may have just had the summer of our dreams, the summer of a lifetime, but i see no purpose in mourning it, when the best season is just around the corner. I am going to get my cosy slippers on and welcome Autumn with a big cuddly hug. 

Okay, maybe it’s my favourite season because it has my birthday mired in the middle of it, but look at what it has to offer; it still throws out some gorgeous warm days, the woods are a riot of colours and we have ample reason to get back into boots and woolly clothes (it can’t be just me celebrating that fact can it? ) 

So here are my five favourite ways to welcome Autumn home, and best of all it will cost you next to nothing: 

1. Make a nest

Not an actual nest,but as close to an indoor den as you can. Add textured cushions on to the sofa, wash your throws and blankets in your favourite washing liquid so they smell sensational and stock pile them within arm’s reach. Its not about the physical warmth, but about creating a little nook for yourself to relax with a cuppa or read a book.


2.Go berry picking

Friends I am telling you now, the blackberries Ive tasted so far this year are the greatest ever. Huge and bursting with flavour. So take a walk some sunny afternoon, bring a bucket and pick to your hearts content. And if you don’t feel like being a domestic deity, let there be no panic, you can just sprinkle them through your morning porridge/smoothie/granola to feel that you are doing yourself some good. 


3. Light Candles

They create beautiful mood lighting. They may not mask the smell of a wet dog but they will go some way towards comforting you (I’m speaking from experience). My tried and tested ones are the Aldi ones, they look good even when they are not lit and they smell divine. TOP TIP: Store them in the fridge until you are ready to use them. They burn slower.  


4. Have a bit of a declutter

Give away stuff you do not want or need. Recycle, freecycle, visit the charity shop. Free up room in your home to display the items you love, just seeing them will boost your mood.  Give them the space to shine and make you smile.IMG_7021

5. And finally

Now that you are all cosy and hygging the sh*t out of Autumn my final tip is this, join the library. Under government policy it’s been free for a number of years. Our national library network is in possession of 12 million items, and you can order any of them to be delivered to your local library. All the books, music, box sets and films you could want. I feel a rainy Sunday Bette Davis marathon coming on. Fluffy socks essential.  


Thank you for reading, 





  1. This has me feeling excited already. Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year! Out of everything though, I love love love your suggestion to join the library. It’s the ultimate reading time!

    • Oh I’m so glad you agree, the library is brilliant isn’t it? I don’t have Netflix so I borrow my boxsets from the library. Thanks for reading. X

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