The change of season sees me clearing out my wardrobe and decluttering. That also means cleaning everything to within an inch of it’s life and getting my home smelling fresh. Lavender sachets are a great addition to clothes storage, both for the scent and also for keeping moths at bay. They are easy to DIY for next to nothing, so have a look below at my handy guide:

For 1 Large Sachet you need:

2/3 small cup of lavender
1/3 small cup of dried rice
Two squares of cotton/linen fabric measuring approx 10x10cm each
Paper (to make a funnel)
Decorative Ribbon (optional)
Needle and Thread.

The how to:

Start by harvesting the lavender. Mine was passed its best so I didn’t need to hang it indoors, but it still smells amazing. Just make sure if yours is fresh that you let it dry well indoors. If you don’t have any lavender growing then you can buy it loose. It is sold at health shops, online and in markets.

I mix 2 parts lavender with 1 part uncooked rice. The rice helps to absorb any moisture, adds a bit of substance and also makes your mix go a little further.

Making the sachet:

There is probably no need to buy fabric for this project, any scrap of cotton will do, even an old tea towel cut up. I measured out approx 10x10cm squares, you need two for this. Align them with the right sides facing inwards.

I had decided to do a little embroidery on this bag, it was a very quick and imprecise effort while watching TV. If you are making them for gifts then its a nice touch. Buttons or ribbons are a nice look too if embroidery isn’t your thing.

I didn’t go to the bother of taking out the sewing machine for this project, I decided to handsew it. It doesn’t have to be precise. You begin about 2 cm out from the top or bottom, and sew your way around. Stop about 4 cm from where you started (that’s the hole you will need to pour the mix into). TOP TIP: If you are using a ribbon then leave the hole at the top. Don’t be an eejit like me, who forgot I was going to be using a ribbon and I left the hole at the bottom.

Using the paper, create a little funnel to get your lavender mixture into the sachet. Don’t try spooning it, it will break your heart. Also don’t overfill it, if you have too much mix that’s fine, it will keep in an airtight container for the next sachet. Stitch up the remaining 4cm gap. Add ribbon if you wish, and you are done! Lavender bags last for ages, and if you find they have lost their scent, put them in the fridge for a couple of days to help them regain their scent.

What you can use them for:

  • They are great for wardrobes and drawers.
  • I recently made a few for the boxes I store my duvet covers in.
  • Pop them in empty suitcases to keep them fresh.
  • Keep one in your pillowcase to aid your sleep.
  • Hang one in your car.

I hope you enjoy this project, thank you for reading!

B x

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