My favourite season is closing in! Autumn for me is all about cosy nights in front of the stove, with a good book and a mug of tea in hand. But still, I love to be making something, and here is a craft project that is functional, looks good and is an inexpensive make. It’s air clay wall planters and it’s so easy to do.

Air Clay Wall Planters

What you need:

A 500g packet of air clay (gives you 5 wall planters)
Rolling pin
Clay Template – find PDF here:  Air Clay
Air plants or small faux plants.

Optional: Paint and leaves for decorating.

TOP TIP:Air Clay Wall Planters are a great bit of fun, just make sure that you don’t put soil into them!

How to make

First up print off the PDF onto an A4 sheet and cut out your template. Then cut your clay into 5 even sized pieces. Begin rolling out each piece of clay with the rolling pin until it is between 2&3mm thick.

Using the template, cut the shapes out. I had picked some lavender, ferns and rosemary in the garden so at this point I used the rolling pin to gently roll them into each clay shape to create an impression and then carefully prised them back out. I didn’t find that the ferns made much impact but the woodier stems were more of a success.

Make a crease along the dotted line. Gently bring B down towards A. This creates a funnel type shape. The creased fold is then used to seal it together – see the photos for a better idea!

I then used the top of a pen to punch a hole for the twine.  TOP TIP: If you feel that the clay is too wet to retain its cone shape then use a bit of cardboard to support it. Then I left them all to dry for a couple of days, turning once in a while.

Once they are dry they are ready to paint. I used a light coloured tester pot, and once that was dry, used watercolours to paint in the leaf designs. I added twine and my faux plants and hung them up! They would look great hung in a vertical line too I think.

There are tons of uses for air clay but this is one project that appeals to me, now I am off to make another cuppa!

Thanks for reading.

B x




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