Articles by: Bronagh

Air Clay Wall Planters

My favourite season is closing in! Autumn for me is all about cosy nights in front of the stove, with a good book and a mug of tea in hand. But still, I love to be making something, and here is a craft project that is functional, looks good and […]

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Guide to DIY Lavender Sachets

The change of season sees me clearing out my wardrobe and decluttering. That also means cleaning everything to within an inch of it’s life and getting my home smelling fresh. Lavender sachets are a great addition to clothes storage, both for the scent and also for keeping moths at bay. […]

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Colours of the Year 2021

Everyone is aching to draw a line under 2020 in whatever way they can. Although we here at Fox Hollow are still in full hibernation mode, I can think of no better way of looking forward than by exploring Colours of the Year. Colours of the Year provide us with […]

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