I am currently still in a cosy fug of winter hibernation, and any thoughts of DIYs or room makeovers are buried under woolly hats, duvets and blankets. It’s just too flippin’ cold! But here is a fun, fluffy and fabulous dyed pampas project to do. It involves minimum spend, effort or time outdoors.

What you need:

Pampas Stalks

Dye of your choice – I use Dylon Hand Dye, €4 a sachet

Rubber gloves

Measuring jug

An old bottle to mix

A bucket

How To:

I don’t think it makes any difference if the pampas is wet or dry when you dye it, I have tried both ways and noticed no discernible difference.

This method is for between 6 and 10 large fronds.

Take half a sachet of Dylon and pour it in to the plastic bottle, add 250ml of warm (not boiling) water, pop the cap on and shake vigorously. Top up with another litre of warm water and mix again. Then head outside (it’s best, believe me) and pour the mixture in to your bucket.

Take each frond and gently swirl it into the bucket, tip first, and then carefully tilt the bucket to the side, to ensure that you get the dye all the way up the frond.

Repeat with the rest of the fronds, you should definitely have enough to do at least 10 stalks.

You can leave them all steeping in the bucket for ten minutes. I have left some in for up to an hour but it didn’t make that much difference to the intensity of the colour.

Next, wring them all out and leave them to drip dry outside on a washing line or in the bucket. Once they have stopped dripping, bring them inside to finish drying. And here is where you will need some level of patience, it can take up to two weeks for the dyed pampas to be fully dry. If you want, you can speed up  the process by using a hairdryer on a cool setting. It will help to fluff them up, but just be sure to do it outside!


The pampas are now ready for you to enjoy. Be mindful that they will keep shedding a little as they dry out even more, but it’s a small price to pay because those babies are in it for the long haul, just take them outside once in a while to shake them out and fluff them up!

Thanks for reading,


B x




9 Replies to “My guide to DIY dyed pampas grass”

      1. Hi Brittany! I used Dylon Sachets, but any clothes dye specifically for hand dyeing would do I think!

  1. Which colors did you use? I’m assuming olive for the green, but the pinks are harder to determine. I love the colors you chose!

    1. I used a magenta and a redwood colour, I thought they might come out more punchy but it wasn’t to be. I might try again and dye for longer!

  2. hi! definitely i’ll try this!! i just want to know, after you dry your pampas grass, do you recommend to apply some hair spray or something similar for it to last longer

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