I was talking interiors the other day with someone and they stated that Irish Interiors are ‘having a moment’ but I don’t quite agree. A moment is a fleeting thing, and this isn’t a moment, it’s a movement. Irish interiors are coming in to their own, getting a chance to shine and thankfully we are all taking notice. Our sense of colour, our sense of humour and our sense of space are what differentiates us and here are nine brilliant small Irish Businesses that are curating and creating items to enhance our homes.

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Dear Trudy

I met Liz from Dear Trudy recently, and while chatting asked her what prompted her to start the business. The answer is so simple, Liz is an interiors enthusiast who wants to provide the beautiful, but unconventional , so that homes have soul as well as style. That’s the passion that is making her business thrive and set it apart.

Dear Trudy

Ewe Sir

I know, I know, I am like an old lady, telling the same stories over and over again, and you all just nod politely. But let me just mention again that Molly’s Fox print was the first piece of art I got for Fox Hollow, and we have become firm friends since. The unique beauty of Molly’s work is how it reflects natural heritage, and how her passion for our island’s habitat shines through.


Liam Madden

A love of typography and a bold colour palette has created a buzz about Liam’s prints with the Irish Interiors Insta community. His background in both print and graphic design are the cornerstones of his distinctive work, all of which are beautifully executed and have an illustrative appeal.



Pieces.ie opened it’s doors on 14 South Great Georges Street in November, and since then has consistently wowed with a fantastically curated range of furniture at amazing prices. For mid century fans, many of the pieces have those iconic lines and shapes, that will create an incredibly individual home.

Pieces sofa

Lady Gray Graphics

Fran is the woman behind Lady Gray Graphics. She has the best sense of humour and the biggest heart and it shows in all her gorgeous, funny and heartfelt prints. Her background in architecture and interior design is borne through in her work; and her choices of fonts, colours and personalised prints delivers a broad appeal.

lady gray

Rees and Hunt

Ciara is an interior designer and has the very best eye when it comes to finding affordable, unique homewares that make great presents (or just presents to yourself). The Rees and Hunt website is so much more than a shopping location though, it’s a joy to navigate, and includes a gorgeous blog too, with amazing styling tips.

Rees and hunt

Tara O Brien

Tara’s work makes me smile. Not in a small, slight way, but a ‘great big grin’ way. Her work is joyful and body positive. There are humourous details, important statements and nostalgia running through her images that appeal and spark conversation. Plus, I am obsessed with her colour palette!



Before revealing her hidden talent, interior designer Saara wowed us all with her beautiful home on Instagram. Then this time last year she launched Redesign.ie on Instagram and Etsy, and started creating and selling her macramé work. The pieces incorporate a 3-D element and vibrant colours that elevate it beyond the ordinary. I think her interior design background plays a huge part.


April and the Bear

April and the Bear launched online six years ago, and opened their first bricks and mortar shop two years ago, much to the delight of the interiors community in Ireland. The interiors and lifestyle business has consistently delivered inspired, beautiful and quirky elements for our homes. And we have loved following along on their own home interiors adventures on their blog.

April and the Bear


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