Earlier this week we took ourselves off to Ballycurrrin Rest for our wedding anniversary. Nothing says ‘I still really really like you’ like spending time in a teeny cottage together. Ballycurrin Rest is an Airbnb find, about 15 minutes from Cong on the Headford side. Easy to find , but the gorgeousness makes it hard to leave.


There are three Airbnb properties all on the one estate, The ‘Big’ House, the Cottage and the Rest , our property. All are run by the lovely Gabrielle who gave us a potted history.

IMG_5485 (1)

The Big House was originally built around 1760, and was burnt down in 1922 before being faithfully restored again in the 90’s. The original purpose of The Rest is unknown, it may have been a gamekeepers cottage but some of the older residents in the area believe it was used as an oratory. Its about a sixty second walk to the Lough shore, where the lighthouse is situated, and it is still completely accessible, although I didn’t brave it.

IMG_5495 (1)

The Rest is a one bedroom cottage, packed with character. Gabrielle had set the stove for us, and had left plenty of turf and kindling to keep us going for the evening. So all there was for us to do was relax and enjoy ourselves, made much easier by the laid back atmosphere. The was only one rule, don’t feed Maggie the hen.


Definitely a spot to return to. And with the option of the three properties, maybe next time we will try our hand at being Lord and Lady of the Manor. I mean , if the shoe fits and all that.

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