My top 10 tips for surviving a room makeover

Disclaimer: This blogpost is published in partnership with Dulux 

You have decided to do a room makeover. You need the following two outcomes: a fabulous end result and enthusiasm for your next project. So here are my essential top ten tips to guarantee it happens for you: 

  1. GET EXPERT ADVICE. Choose wisely. My dad is my hero. I always ask his advice about day to day things. He is an expert in many areas. But his sole piece of advice about a room makeover boils down to one word: Magnolia. I’ll pass thanks, and I’ll take myself off to the instore colour hero for a chat. Oh and be sure to bring in the room measurements so you purchase the correct amount of paint.                                 
  2. BE BRAVE. There are so many colour ‘rules’ but please remember there is only one  rule that matters; Let your personality shine through. Deciding on one of  the Dulux Moda palettes simplifies decisions. Choose one or two dominant colours and use some other colours in the collection as accents. It’s your space, you are the one living in it, have fun with it. IMG_6634                                                                                 
  3. DON’T SKIMP ON THE TESTERS. It’s hard to tell from online sources how anything is going to look in your space.  Getting down to the paint store is the only way to go. Pick up the colour cards, have a consultation and once you have it narrowed down, test is best. Take your tester and try out your dominant colour. Paint at least an A4 size, on two separate areas within the room. Then have a look at it a few different times during the day, the light will alter it immensely. IMG_7197 (2)                             
  4. PREPARE WELL. Clear the room completely. Clean the walls. Take down your light fittings. Use a good masking tape to mask the windows, skirting boards, switches and plugs. This will take the most amount of time but it will give you a flawless professional result. Cover the flooring COMPLETELY with dustsheets, newpapers etc. Apparently the laws of physics apply when it comes to an overenthusiastic decorator (that would be me) an overloaded brush and an overlooked patch of bare carpet 4 feet away. Oops. IMG_6870 (2)                                                                                 
  5. GET THE EQUIPMENT RIGHT: My favourite paintbrush for ‘cutting in’ has been with me for years, and will be for years more. Try not to go for the cheap ones, your walls will have more hairs on them by the end than the brush itself. Also never buy cheap masking tape, always get a paint appropriate brand from the DIY store.                IMG_7094 (2)                      
  6. FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD: Now is not the time to start a new diet. Give yourself proper tea breaks and meal breaks. Prep quick and easy meals, ready to cook or reheat. Make sure there are lovely treats too.                                                                IMG_7121 (2)                          
  7. TIME: Time is so important, give yourself plenty of it. Time to pick out the colours, time to pack and unpack your room, to apply masking tape, time between coats. Factor all this in, clear your diary, so the only short-term deadline is your room makeover.                                                                                                                                        
  8. PAINTING TO MUSIC: Put on your favourite albums to listen to while you are working.  I’m a big fan of musicals and trying to sing along to them. I’m sure the neighbours just love it.                                                                               IMG_7157 (2)                                                                               
  9. NO VISITORS: Our house has an open-door policy, I love having people over any time. But not when I am decorating, so be sure and mention it to people that the house is a no-go zone for the moment. Let them be wowed by your transformed space, not horrified by your mid makeover chaos.                                                                        
  10. AND FINALLY: Once you have finished your hard work, just enjoy your new space! Light the candles you’ve been saving, add textures, soft furnishings, all in the colour palette curated for you. Be proud of what you have achieved and once you have given yourself a mighty clap on the back you can start planning the next project!  IMG_6910 (3)

Disclaimer: This blogpost is published in partnership with Dulux 

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