Three mini interiors projects to do in mere minutes.

I am finding I am a tiny bit jaded with my interiors. Is it as a result of endless scrolling through beautiful interiors on Instagram I wonder? I look around at home and think I’d like see something different, to keep the eye interested, to add a bit of colour. There are two stumbling blocks though. For one, I am in hibernation mode now that winter is here. I am useless by 5 pm. The other teeny issue is a distinct lack of funds. So last Sunday I endeavoured to do three mini projects for my time-poor, actual-poor self.


Cushions are a real weak spot for me. Rarely can I pass them in any shop without have a look and a feel. It strikes me that there is more texture, print and embellishment on textiles than ever before. So with that in mind I picked up some chunky wool to make tassels for my boring old cushions. The cream wool was the perfect match for the pink velvet cushion I picked up in Penneys.



The quickest way to make a tassle is to cut a piece of card, place one six inch piece of wool lengthways and then wrap the wool about thirty times around the card, tie a tight knot in the top, with the lengthways wool, cut along the bottom, and then about one inch down from the top wrap a length of wool around a few times, to give it that sturdy feeling. (I’m not going to win any awards for explaining anything, maybe best to just have a look below)



Once you have four tassels made just stitch them on to the corners of your cushion. I think I’ll keep the yellow wool to make tassels for a grey wool blanket I have.



2. Wire noticeboard

This little DIY hack could not be easier, and it is so effective. I bought a cheap cooling rack in the baking section of a discount shop. In fairness as it is black it would have looked good against a light background but to make it stand out against the navy in my study I decided to spray it copper.


Just make sure if you are spray painting anything to do it outside, keep all surfaces protected, and that includes yourself. There is nothing going to stop that painting going everywhere when the breeze kicks up.


The trick with spray painting is apply fine layers and let it dry between coats. I started with a gentle misting, waited until it was touch dry and then turned it over and did the same to the other side. Repeat a few more times until it is completely coated.


Once it is definitely dry you can hang it up on the wall and put your favourite cards and photos on it. You will find mini pegs in most craft shops.


3. Lampshade trim

This is by far the quickest and cheapest of my three hacks. This trim came in at about €2 a metre and I only needed 1.5 metres. The lampshade is one I had made myself here A Sunday well spent. It just needed a little something extra. I used the glue gun for this project. It is so handy but you still have to be really careful using it as the glue is so hot.


Apply it in small measures at a time, just a few inches, to ensure it is all stuck down. Use some household pegs to keep it down until you are sure it is dry. Then pop it back up on your lamp base.


So there you have it. Three very quick changes that will liven up your space a bit for a few euros.

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  1. Absolutely adore this!!

  2. Great ideas and awesome tips! You can’t go wrong with wool as all of us at Sukhi know. That’s why we use it for some of our most beautiful rugs. And I love how simple yet gorgeous the wire noticeboard is. It’s so retro and can be used as a mood board too. Thank you for sharing this!

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